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How to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

The kitchen is often the beating heart of the home.  Not only is it a space for making family meals, it is the center of meaningful conversations, uproarious laughter, and so much more. One day I hope to have a big, beautiful kitchen with ample storage, a walk-in pantry and all the bells and whistles.  But in the meantime, I have to make due with my limited space. Here are some tips to create the most function for your space:

  1. Stick to broad categories that can easily adapt and change over time.
  2. Make a home for everything
  3. Stick to the limits of your categories. Once that category is full, don’t purchase any more until it starts running low or is out.
  4. Don’t decant items if you cannot maintain them.
  5. Remove original and bulky packaging. This will not only save space but be more visible to take inventory of what you have.
  6. Create a donate bin that is in a convenient place to get to.
  7. Shop your pantry first before shopping at the store.
  8. Invest in bins or food storage containers that can easily stack and increase visibility.
  9. Routinely check for expiration dates.
  10. If you have a small space, avoid items that only have one purpose.

Some of the biggest mistakes I see when someone organizes a kitchen/ pantry:

  1. Decanting items when realistically they can’t keep up with it.
  2. Not checking expiration dates. Expired items take up prime real estate and usually indicate that you don’t actually use that product very much, if at all.
  3. Cluttering their counters. It’s common for frequently used items to be left out on the counter for quick accessibility. The problem is, this leads to the counters quickly becoming a dumping ground for any and everything. The more stuff on the counter, the easier it is to add to it.
  4. Not grouping items together before making a home for it and organizing.
  5. Buying popular “hot”/on-demand items from commercials or social media influencers. Stick with tried and true functional items and appliances that have proven the test of time and you know have worked well for you in the past. The fancy new influencer-recommended gadget may seem exciting, but it quickly turns into clutter and takes up valuable space.
Emily Grindell
Emily Grindell

Mar 18, 2024 • 2 mins read